Please note that in order to add someone to your registration they will be required to have an Entry Ninja Account, to invite someone to Entry Ninja, please use the following link: In some cases, Members will not be allowed to be added to your registration if they already have an entry for the event.

1.) To add members when creating a registration. First select the event you want to enter, and confirm your personal information. You will then be diracted to the Members and Teams section. Here you can add a member to your registration by adding members by searching for their ID number or Email address by clicking the "add member: button.  



If you cannot find someone using their ID number or email address, you can use the "Invite Someone" button and invite them and then come back and add them using their email address you just invited them on.

2.) To add members to an existing registration, first log into your account. Click on your name in the top right corner (account) and select dashboard. For fast navigation to your dashboard, simply follow the link: 

On your dashboard navigate yourself to the registration of the event you would like to add the member to.

Make sure that the new person you are adding has already opened an Entry Ninja account. Or invite them to create an Entry Ninja account. Once a member as been invite they can be added to your registration (Persons can be invited to create an Entry Ninja Account here

On your registration page click on the add person button and enter the ID number or e-mail address of the person you want to add to your entry.