By now you may have heard that given the circumstances, all gatherings with more than 100 people will not be allowed. This has a direct influence on our event organisers, many of whom depend on the events as their sole source of income.
We are trying our best to support them as best possible so that they can get to the other side of this pandemic. We urge the participants to assist us in this process and to remain compassionate towards these small business owners. 
Most organisers will communicate directly with their participants regarding their respective outlook, and we are in consultation with all of them to assist where possible.
We would like to implore you to bear with us in this time and have an understanding that we are inundated with refund requests from the public. This makes a lot of sense to us in this time of panic, but we would like you to consider the event organisers who need to make difficult decisions with multiple costs involved to keep their doors open. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding.