• OTP login with your ID number
You can type in your ID number and an SMS will be sent to your registered cellphone number. You will then be able to access your account and update any outstanding details or your password.
If your cell number changed and the One-Time-PIN (OTP) is not delivered to you, you will need to either contact the support center or request a password reset:

If you did not use the Facebook or Google logins, and manually created an account and have forgotten the password, please try the password reset option here: https://enter.entryninja.com/account/password/email 

Take note that password tokens do expire and if you find yourself trying to reset the password and keep getting invalid token responses, please just request another password reset.

You are also welcome to send us an email support@entryninja.com with your desired password and we will change that for you.

  • Error on ID number

 Chances are that you have multiple accounts, only a single ID number can be connected to an account (using a single email address). If you use multiple email addresses please try logging in with the email address you first created your Entry Ninja account with. If you would like to merge your two accounts or change your main Email login, please contact support with the following information.

Your ID number and the Email address you want to use as your main login.

We will then merge your accounts and you will have access to your accounts from both profiles.

For further assistance contact support at support@entryninja.com.