From organisers:


As I am sure you are aware, all events in South African over 100 competitors have been banned for the next while due to the world wide Corona virus outbreak.

This serverly affects everyone we know and work with on a daily basis with their business operations and we hope that this time passes quickly in order for our business to survive.

Our National ULTRA competitors are our most important asset to us and we certainly do not want to put any of you in danger at any time.

We are busy discussing the current situation extensively with our event team and partners and Sun City. We are looking at various options available to us if we are in the unfortuate situation where we have to postpone the Sun City Ultra to later in the year.

We will not be making any immediate decision on the Sun City Ultra Triathlon just yet. We will watch and review the situation over the next 2 weeks and make a decision on Monday the 6th April as to our way forward with the national event.

We really do appreciate your support and understanding in this regard.

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy and Keep Active !