Organiser statement:

You have probably heard the sad news from President Cyril Ramaphosa that due to the current spread of the Coronavirus, all gatherings of more than 100 people are prohibited. This sadly means that all three Oxpecker events will not be taking place until further notice.

This is devastating news for all of us in the Oxpecker family.
 Because this announcement only took place yesterday please allow us time to consult with all the relevant role players and we will be in contact with you as to the best way forward.

We understand you will have so many questions, however, we ask you to refrain from emailing us. Once we have finalized the way forward, you will be the first to know.  

For now, try stay in your nest, wash your claws and don’t take flight anywhere.

Kind regards
Spoen, dad and our greater Oxpecker community.